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Founded in 2009

CiiRUS was founded in 2008 by Roberto Dicarlo (CEO) and Roger Parry (CTO), with a vision to transform vacation rental software. The goal - to enrich a unified network of owners, managers, agents, vendors, and guests, for the greater good of the vacation rental industry.

The CiiRUS team is a dedicated group of individuals located in Central Florida, comprising decades of experience not just in IT and multimedia development, but in the vacation rental industry itself. We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical tools and solutions to the vacation rental business. CiiRUS has created a gateway allowing homeowners, property managers, agents, vendors, and guests to communicate using one central system.

CiiRUS has a continual development process, driven our customers. Our customers current and future requirements are our number one priority. Our function is to ensure delivery of your requests in a stable and timely manner. We accept requests for new features and enhancements, with fulfilled requests becoming available to all users on future releases. We also offer bespoke customization services to cater for company-specific requirements TEST.

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